IG90: Creative Instagram Plans

Get ready to create an Instagram account that sells FOR you.

You might be feeling like Instagram can't work for you.


All the free courses, challenges, ebooks, + blog posts and you've been hashtagging your heart out, only to get no where.

Honestly, I'm not here to sell you to sell you on something you don't need.

All I can share is that from my experience, most Instagram courses (that are charging $200-400) give a lot of fluff you've already read online or are for true beginners who need an overview of how Instagram works.

But if you're already using hashtags, engaging with your audience, posting quality images and still getting nothin' from your customers, then I'd invite you to consider an alternative way.

The problem likely isn't *how* you're using the platform... as much as it's how you're telling your brand's story.

Your hang up with converting customers (if I can be so bold to guess) is probably not Instagram-specific.

You need less information + overwhelm about "how to use the platform technically" and more on "how to position your brand + products, and then share that story through Instagram."

For so many small businesses, Instagram isn't working because they're confused on how to sell to their customers, without feeling spammy or like a total schmuck day after day.

So we keep on that hamster wheel, fighting for followers, left confused why we're not making sales (or hell, even getting a couple comments).

So let's take a step back:
We first need to set a foundation for our customers. give them what they need, share our story (and no, not really *your story*, but the one that matters to them), and show up for them every day.

You might be wondering, "But can I get real Instagram followers who will actually buy my stuff?”

Yes! And it doesn't have to be so hard + I want to show you how.

Because of your IG90 program (so insightful, OMG!) I completely overhauled our IG/FB pages and so grateful I did because we got a celebrity's (their assistant anyway) attention and interest... couldn't have done it without your help. So thanks again!! ❤

Find her natural skincare shop Pure + Coco here


Which is why I’m so excited to introduce IG90: Creative Instagram Plans for Online Shop Owners, Makers, and Etsy Sellers.

We’re flipping the script on Instagram and creating our images based on intentional messaging that will naturally build and promote your brand.

IG90 is about connecting with your customers through storytelling, getting a conversation going, and learning how to lead them down the path from follower to buyer in a natural way using the Instagram platform.

Let's say goodbye to random posting, sweaty palms staring at that blinking cursor, or forgetting to post for days at a time.

Let's focus on connection first, then conversion.


Get started now!


The truth is, you don’t need another Instagram course.

You know what you need to do.


You know you need great content, pretty images, and to show up every day.

And that's the problem I found with most Instagram courses. They tell you what to do without a clear action plan on HOW you can follow through, day after day.

This isn't beginner level "here's how to make your bio stand out." There's hundreds of free resources for that.

This is an intentional, creative road map designed to help you understand your customer, start a conversation with her, and show up again + again with exactly what she needs to hear before she'll buy from you and support you.

Doesn't that sound better than a vague "double your followers"?

Because I see you out there trying to connect on Instagram.

.... you're sick of the pointless follow/unfollows,

.... the empty "love!" comments,

.... and the crickets you keep hearing even though your followers are growing.

You're looking for real engagement, real followers, and genuine comments that make you smile and get you excited to chat with your people every day. You want to sell on Instagram in a way that feels good, not just for you, but your customers too.

But it’s hard to think about yet another 'to do'.

And so you let it slip. Or you post an old crappy photo. I get it.

So I wanted to change that.

With IG90: Creative Instagram Plans, I created specific strategies for shop owners to plan out your content in 90 day chunks and serve your customers in a way that's going to hit them over the head (in the softest way possible) and get them excited about your brand.


This isn't another online course with just a lot of theory and information. It's a road map so you can put this information to work.

You’ll create your 90 day content plan over the course of a few days and then have an exact road map of the content and images you need to create.

What would that mean for you?

I’ll take a few guesses…

  • No more panicking trying to turn that old janky photo into something pretty

  • Never staring at that blinking cursor, cursing that you don’t know what to say #puncity

  • Being able to focus on your business, instead of wasting time worrying about what to post each day

  • Never running out of ideas again! (Because I’m sharing over 100 of mine)

  • A simple freaking plan, no more forgetting to post!!

  • AND THE BIG ONE… having an intentional content strategy that will actually turn followers into customers and support your business goals.

No more excuses about not making the dollar bills on Insta.

I honestly haven’t been more excited than I was while creating IG90. I truly believe it will re-shape the way you approach your Instagram and finally give you a social media strategy that supports your business.

And I'm thrilled to say those going through the course have seen the payoff.

After implementing just a fraction of the tips learned in the first portion of the course, I posted one of my products on Instagram and sold it in less than thirty minutes! I still have people contacting me about that post, nearly two months later.

Valerie, @bettylupaperie
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What to Expect?

We're going to set up your Instagram account to be a micro-blogging platform that drives all your other content creation needs.

Instagram is a platform of inspiration, discovery and community; and online shops are primed to succeed at delivering on all three.

IG90: Creative Instagram Plans is broken down into 4 large sections that are designed to build upon each other.

The first two are pre-work sections:

1 | Positioning Your Product

2 | Who is Your Customer?

We'll go through various exercises with worksheets for each and you'll come away with a clear idea of who you're speaking to and what you need to communicate about your brand.

    • We'll dive deep into understanding your product + seeing it from a consumer's perspective
    • Why your customer wants it (what you're actually selling)
    • And the easy way to authentically share your story, in a way your customer will care about

The last two sections are where you'll build out your content strategy.

3 | Starting with the 90 Day Strategy Session, you'll have an easy guide of what you need to cover and when.

We'll look into five areas to ensure your business is covered and you're never left with the dreaded feeling of 'how did I miss that?'

4 | In the last section, we create your content strategy. We'll start with three lessons that talk about the types of content we're creating and how to position your brand messaging.

Those lessons include Writing Captions That Matter, How to Convert Shop Lurkers into Customers, and the 4 Content Pillars Every Instagram Account Needs.

    • I'll share 4 methods for creating captions that matter
    • We'll discuss the 5 call-to-action (CTA) categories you should be using (and what to do if you're hearing crickets), plus give you over 20 examples of CTAs to use
    • The theory of getting your customers to 'know, like, and trust' you, but more importantly, how to actually put them into practice
    • The four types of content you need to be sharing to naturally turn your audience from casual onlooker to excited fan to loyal customer.

It wraps up with an easy walk-through on how to use the prompt worksheet and gives ideas on how to structure each month.

And that's when the real work begins!

This course was created to be actionable. It's not designed to create extra work, but instead make the work you're already doing more intentional.

Starting with a caption, you’ll learn how to easily create images that stand out and speak to your brand's messaging.

I’ve created over 100 caption prompts specifically for product sellers.

You'll receive a copy with some actual examples so you can see how to inject more of your personality and start brainstorming your own. As well as a blank version with prompts for you to complete and fill in based on your own brand and research (spreadsheets are Excel based, also work with Google Sheets).

Have an image you can’t wait to share first, but not actually sure what to say? No problem, you can do that too! You can easily sort to find caption ideas or categories to create a compelling caption that matters.

You'll also receive a monthly content calendar that pulls from these categories so you know exactly what to post each day. (Plus it's customizable, so if you don’t like a caption? Toss that idea and grab the next.)

Two Bonus Lessons:

  • Promotion/Event Strategy - plug and play promotion sequences so you're prepared with an Instagram strategy for your next sale or launch
  • Engagement Checklist - a monthly, weekly, and daily list so you can keep track of what to do when and how to put your new strategies to use

Plus, you'll learn the secret sauce of Instagram. Yeah really, I went there.

The strategy behind this whole course is designed to save you time and help you create intentional images that support your brand message.

Are you ready for a clear, approachable method to planning your Instagram?

Then you’re in the right place my friend.

IG90: Creative Instagram Plans is the ONLY Instagram course specifically created for online shops and Etsy sellers that helps you:
  • gain a deeper understanding of who your customer truly is and why she’s buying your product
  • create meaningful captions with over 100 prompts just for online shops, so you can create content and messages that will matter to her and get your audience talking
  • plan your content ahead of time so you never miss a holiday, key selling season, or special announcement
  • naturally sell without feeling like you’re pitching your products constantly

If you've been around The Shop Files for awhile (or heyyy girl if you're new!), you know I don't like fluff. This is not another Instagram 101 "How to create a killer bio" type of course. In fact, I didn't even want to call it a course, because it's an actionable, repeatable plan. It's legit. You can use and re-use these strategies and prompts for an entire year. And then start all over again.

IG90 helps you show up for your customer every day.


Tired of hearing me talk?


After implementing just a fraction of the tips learned in the first portion of the course, I posted one of my products on Instagram and sold it in less than thirty minutes!

I still have people contacting me about that post, nearly two months later

My main struggle was knowing what to say in my posts, and this is why I felt the need to do the course. The advice I learned from IG90 not only helped me craft Instagram post descriptions that sell, but learning what to say also helped me formulate hashtags that would reach clients and not other Etsy sellers or stationery designers.

- Valerie, @bettylupaperie
Find her shop at BettyLuPaperie


The IG90 is a game changer!

I was working though the IG90 at lunch and I'm excited to implement what I've learned! I really am blown away with all the info. It will literally change my business!

- Rachel, @nixxenrayneboutique
Find her shop (and the cutest mobile boutique!) at Nixxen Rayne


- Autumn, @dupreandmoore
Find her shop at Du Pré and Moore


I'm loving your resources. You really digest things down to something I can absolutely grab onto and run. Your inverted method to creating content is SO much more accessible to me.

Thank you so much for putting all of this together for us. I've finished writing out the whole month of April for plans, I know what I'm going to say each day, I know what I'm targeting each day - including two promotions during the month and how I can manage to both hard sell and soft sell for them, and even better… I know what photos I need to take in advance so I don't need to scramble to come up with something! A whole month! Planned! What a weight off of my shoulders.

- Stephanie, @phylogenyartstephanie

Find her work at Phylogeny Art
and her Etsy shop, Phylogeny


Your IG course is SO amazing! I honestly don't know why you aren't charging twice as much... and that's coming from someone with 50+k who got stalled out and needed help, not a beginner at all.

I'm so grateful I took it, and can't wait to launch into my new feed. This is DEFINITELY a course for the bigger accounts, where I see a lot of overwhelm once people grow and a lot is expected of them from fans. And while it's geared toward shop owners, it's honestly perfect for ANY account that wants to get to know its audience better and grow more quickly. You taught me so much about understanding my customer and follower lifestyles, tracking important events, knowing my brand message, scheduling my posts and more. You're a wizard, and I highly recommend your course to absolutely anyone who cares about Insta. Go Kate!

- Sarah, @newleafwriter
Find her at New Leaf Writing

Sarah is one of the students who is not a product seller, but still found so much information on building a customer-focused content strategy. This course is geared towards product sellers (the examples given, the content ideas discussed, and some of the prompts specifically), but the information can be applied to many industries. Have questions, just ask me!


Hey girl, just wanted to share with you that yesterday I had so many people stop by our booth and meet us at our market and I truly believe it's because I have changed my approach on my Insta captions! I'm so appreciative of all your help.

- Ericka, @socklingssocks
Find her shop at Socklings Socks

I'm so so excited about all the success these ladies + other students have found!! I'd love to have you be the next.

Any questions - hit me uppp!

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Your Instructor



A retail buyer who helps creatives and shop owners understand the business side; so you can take care of the fun side! Because my guess is creating products and shop experiences your customers will love is what keeps you going each day.

While I went to school for marketing, I quickly fell into the retail industry and never gave marketing a second thought. Until one day. I was frustrated with the slow sales in my department and sick of competing on price (because going back to haggle markdowns with vendors was not a favorite part of my job).


Instead I focused on understanding who our customer is, what she was looking for (the problem we could solve), and learned how to speak directly to her in a way that:

  • grew our sales by over 70% (with the same old products we'd carried for years)
  • increased our profits (because I no longer needed to compete on price)
  • allowed us to stand out as an industry leader (we quickly saw our competition take notice + imitate)

And I want the same for you.

I love tacos, big dreams and d. coke (okay, so all the Mexican foods. and french fries. fine, all the food – maybe bring ice cream) and with over 9 years of corporate merchandising experience in both buying + planning roles, I’m here to spill the secrets of a buyer (let’s just call it SOB, right?) to help make your goals easier to achieve.

So if you’re looking for business advice tailored to the retail industry, this is the place to be!

Class Curriculum

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  Pre-Work #2: Who is Your Customer?
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Frequently Asked Questions

How is this course different from other Instagram courses out there?
This course is not a generic "Instagram 101" where I tell you how to set up your account or go over basic ideas to grow your following. Instead, we focus on how to leverage the Instagram platform to earn your customers trust, which turns into sales. I'll walk you through how to position your product + brand to tell your story through intentional messaging that speaks directly to your ideal customer. Plus, unlike other "one size fits all" approaches, this course was created just for product sellers, like you! When it comes to successful selling on Instagram, it takes more than just posting a photo. What makes IG90 different from others is how we create purposeful messaging to turn your audience from interested follower >>> to raving fan >>> into loyal customers.
Are the prompts lame or cookie cutter "fill in the blanks"?
No way! These were created as writing prompts and give you specific ideas to think about or include, but aren't a bunch of pre-written "fill in the blanks" or one worded prompts like "workspace". The prompts give you a starting point so you can craft your own version of storytelling for your brand, based on your findings from the Pre-Work modules. Plus I give examples for many of them so you can see how to weave in your own story and personality.
When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. And the best part? It's never really "finished" as all the prompts can be re-worked and re-used!
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. PLUS you'll always have access to updates and new additions at no extra cost.
Who is this course NOT for?
This course was designed specifically for shop owners + creatives who sell physical products (it's NOT a general course for bloggers, service providers, or other small businesses.) While many of the lessons can apply to other businesses, please reach out before purchasing if you're interested so we can determine if it's the right fit!
What if I am unhappy with the course?
I stand behind the work I put into this course, but understand it may not be the right fit for you. If you have questions prior to purchasing, please reach out so we can chat about whether it's a good fit! I've always been very honest with those who ask and would rather tell you "this won't be a good fit for you" (and the reasons why) then just say yes to get a sale.

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